Most of us, will have our episode with back pain in our life. Back pain is reportedly the the number one form of pain people complain about. It can affect people of any age though it is most common among those in the 30 to 60 years age group. The prevalence of back pain underscores the fact that it can be experienced by all who are not conscious in protecting their backs, be it at home, in the work environment, or elsewhere.


Tips to Prevent Back Pain


Follow these tips to prevent back pain in your daily routines.


  • Maintain a good posture. Stand up straight. It not only prevents back pain but also shows your vitality and even assertiveness. When sitting, use a chair that will let your lower and upper back be supported while you maintain your knees bent at 90 degrees.
  • Sleep either on your back or on your side, and using pillows for support. Do not sleep on your stomach because it will put most strain on your joints when your head is in a more extended and rotated position, as you cannot sleep face down.
  • Keep your bed and mattress in shape. You need a firm, comfortable mattress for your body.
  • Do a simple full stretching exercise in the morning as you rise and shine to avoid injuries jumping into more strenuous movements.
  • Set the driver’s seat in the car properly. Don’t push it too far back so as not to let you lean and hunch when you reach forward for the steering wheel.
  • Take breaks – every few hours when you are planning on driving over a long distance and every 45 to 50 minutes when considering working continuously for hours.
  • Position your computer properly. It should be at eye-level to avoid looking too far up or down.
  • Use footrest. When your feet are supported while sitting, your lower back is better supported.
  • Wear flat shoes, with cushioned soles to help absorb the forces from the ground as you walk and work. This in turn reduces the pressure and strain on your back.
  • Switch your body weight from one foot to the other when standing for a long period of time. This could be done by using a small footrest to put one foot up to unweight one side of your body, then doing this alternately with the other foot.
  • Do the “squat lift” when lifting a heavy object. Get you body as close as possible to the object to be lifted and from a squat down position, wrap your arm around the object then lift it and stand up, using the power of your legs.
  • Lose weight if you are overweight to help lower the strain especially on your lower back.
  • Stay active and eat a balanced diet to manage your weight.
  • Do exercises that will strengthen your back at least two or three times a week.


You may be surprised that you are not able to follow some of these practical tips to prevent back pain. Let us start to follow these tips by being conscious of the importance of our backs in our day-to-day activities and for a more productive and enjoyable life.